Arrow tags.

Printable on both sides

Graphics on any client request

Certified for food use

Application with automatic sealing machine

Recyclable 100% with reduced environmental impact

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Arrow tags

ARROW TAG, the quick and easy way to identify and track fresh, unpackaged products.

This is a quick and simple solution for labelling fresh products which are sold without packaging, such as:

  • Identification of Fish 
  • Identification of Meat 
  • Identification of Poultry 
  • Identification of Carcasses

ARROW TAGS are certified plastic seals for use in the food industry and, unlike other systems, they do not leave residue in the product when the seal is removed.

Three sizes are available to ensure the marketing needs of all customers can be met.

They are provided in pre-welded cartridges which do not generate production waste.

It is possible to print variable data on the seal while it is being applied to products, such as:

  • production date 
  • use-by date 
  • batch number 
  • product name

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