Roll labels.

Printable multiple references with a single order

Tool of product identity

Indications legal for labeling

Materials high quality adhesive paper, adhesive polypropylene, gummed paper, in direct contact

We can make non-standard formats

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Roll labels

Adhesive and non-adhesive plastic and paper roll labels. Customisable in different shapes and formats.

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ITASYSTEM’s patented and unbreakable labels and sealsare an effective, clear and easy-to-apply system to transmit quality and safety from producers to consumers. All this and our other products for multiple sectors guarantee a low environmental impact.


Itasystem offers a wide range of labels and seals for sausages to guarantee the maximum traceability, identification and quality of unpackaged products.


White meat

We manufacture guarantee seals and labels for white meat to allow producers and consumers to identify and trace fresh produce as easily as possible.


Ham producers

Our range includes labels and seals for ham producers. We have a vast catalogue of customisable quality control solutions and solutions to trace products in the food industry.


Roll labels


The adhesive roll labels :

  • Allow multiple items to be printed per order at no extra cost.
  • Are numberable or individually customisable
  • Allow non-standard formats (over one metre in length) to be manufactured
  • Are designed on request by our in-house consultant.
  • Are manufactured from high quality adhesive materials depending on the specific application (from -40°C >).
  • Are clear and indelible.
  • Adhesive roll labels made by Itasystem are available in:

    • Adhesive paper
    • Adhesive polypropylene
    • Adhesive for direct contact


    Non-adhesive roll labels are characterised by their high technological value.
    They are made with hatching between each label to make them easier to peel off.
    Thermal transfer printers can also be used to identify products.
    They are also made from 100% recyclable plastics for humid environments and applications requiring a special seal.
    Itasystem offers the option of perforating each individual label on the roll or making a clean hole (without the hole residue).

    The non-adhesive roll labels:

  • Are numberable or individually customisable
  • Are designed on request by our in-house consultant.
  • Are clear and indelible
  • Itasystem offers non-adhesive roll labels made from:

  • Paper
  • Polypropylene

  • Labels as a tool for product identification..

    The law defines labelling as the set of items, marks, symbols, indications and images that appear on the label, packaging and sealing devices (caps, etc.) of foodstuffs..
    None of this information must mislead consumers..

    For this reason, labels must display

    • Clear legibility
    • Ease of reading 
    • Indelibility

    Mandatory information

    • Sales designation: product name
    • List of ingredients and allergens
    • List of additives: colourings, preservatives, antioxidants
    • Flavourings of natural or synthetic origin
    • Net quantity 
    • Batch number and expiry date
    • Indications for storage and use
    • Place of origin of unmodified products
    • Place of last modification for modified products
    • Name and headquarters of the producer and packaging

    Optional information

    • Commercial brand or private label
    • Nutritional information (mandatory since 13/12/2016)
    • Environmental labelling
    • Barcode 
    • Sign of measurement
    • Organic labels and marks of origin: Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Graphical Indication (PGI) or Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG)

    Roll labels are available in various materials

    • Adhesive paper labels
    • Adhesive polypropylene labels
    • Direct contact adhesive labels
    • Gummed paper labels

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