Labels on rolls.

Printable multiple references with a single order

Tool of product identity

Indications legal for labeling

Materials high quality adhesive paper, adhesive polypropylene, gummed paper, in direct contact

We can make non-standard formats

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Labels on rolls

Labels on rolls customizable in different shapes and formats.

Labels on rolls


Multiple references are printable with a single order without increasing costs.
Enumerable or customizable individually.
Available in non-standard formats (over one meter in length).
Designed on request by one of our internal consultants.
Manufactured with high quality adhesive materials according to specific applications (from -40° C >).
Clear and indelible.

Available in:

  • Adhesive paper labels
  • Polypropylene adhesive labels
  • Direct contact adhesive labels

Not adhesive

Characterized by a high content of technological value.
Made with hatching between one label and another to facilitate detachment.
Can also be user with thermal transfer printers to identify the product.
Produced with 100% recyclable plastic materials for humid
environments or applications that require a special seal.
Possibility to puncture each single label of the roll or to create a clean buttonhole (without the buttonhole residue).
Enumerable or customizable individually.
Designed on request by one of our internal consultants.
Clear and with permanent ink
Available in:

  • Paper
  • Polypropylene

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