Lillo clip.

Tamper-proof to close the bag

Metal free because it is made entirely of certified plastic

Printable with variable data

Welding ultrasound on different materials

Traceability with information writing during clipping

Flexibility of information management

Application with QB 900 machine

Recyclable 100% with reduced environmental impact

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Lillo clip

The tamper-proof seal in plastic and not detectable by the metal detector for bags.

White meat
White meat


Plastic clip for closing BAGS securely

Tamper-proof features

Guaranteed with ultrasonic welding on various materials

  • Bags of various plastic materials 
  • Plastic or cotton nets 

Metal detection

Lilloclip is plastic and cannot be detected by metal detectors. 

Traceability and Information

All traceability information can be written during clipping, such as batch number, up to 12 codes, production date and use-by date. 

System flexibility

Easy information management (production date, use-by date, batch number) via a rotating stamping unit which can change information immediately.

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