A serious company, founded in 1982, formed by an EXTRA-ordinary, young and dynamic team that invents, designs and manufactures all its products in its Brescia plants.

The company had founded its first years of activity in the field of seals for the identification of white meat, creating the characteristic arrow that uniquely indicates the health mark and therefore the production plant.

This was followed by the Lillosigillo patent, the only inviolable seal for the identification of products without the presence of metal, used from the traceability of food products to the inviolable closure of bags.

Over the years, the watchword has been "diversify" and this choice has allowed constant growth.

The acquisitions have helped us to become more and more transversal, diversifying customers, product lines and business sectors, from the food sector to fruit and vegetables, to nurseries, from the graphic and printing division of FSC®️ certified catalogs, opened in 2008, to the most recent division of paper converting.

How do we do it

With commitment, precision, professionalism and passion: the proof are the more than 1,000 customers who, every year, have been reconfirming their trust in us for more than 38 years.

With certified products convinced that system certifications are a fundamental starting point for companies that want to compete in a market where only the best can win and where the demand for safety, professionalism and reliability is increasingly in demand.

We consider compliance with the delivery date an essential argument, the perfect execution of the product a fixed point.

We strongly believe that the human factor is decisive for the quality of our products!!

Over the years we have adopted machinery and production systems that were as much as possible environmentally friendly , from the plate machine for the production of printed products, totally chemical free to the photovoltaic system, to the construction of the wooden office building, to the use of plastic materials 100% recyclable, to the FSC®️ certified paper and cardboard.

The continuous growth

It was October 15, 1985 when Giovanna Martinelli was sent to Trentino to help an aluminum and brass foundry in a state of corporate crisis. "I was faced with surreal scenes", Giovanna says today. "The factory was unmanaged. There were 30 workers and 50 external artisans waiting for back wages and 'working' in a state of semi-anarchy. There wasn't even a courier to handle deliveries to customers in the Valley. cold, it was October and all the windows were open. Plus, the nearest bar where I went to have breakfast on the first day only had packaged croissants. A disaster." Little by little, Giovanna reorganized the foundry, made an agreement with the bus that ran along the SS 237 for deliveries to the Valley (ah, the Eighties!), Studied the sector thoroughly and found a valid supplier in Cantù (Co) for the polishing of brass tubes acquiring a competitive advantage.

We have also arrived at extra-food: since 2018 we have been producing labels-tags for nurseries and displays in innovative materials. The fresh purchase of the paper converting company allows us to enter the production of large batches of packaging with windows and not for the food industry, but not only (one of the most important customers produces work tools). In short, alongside the expansion of the sectors in which we work, we never abandon the concept of cross-selling for the individual customer, to whom we can now offer seals, labels, brochures, and even packaging solutions tout court ". This approach also translates in speed and service for the customer. By now deliveries are just in time, and the producer has to adapt.

Season after season, the measure of our
success is the satisfaction of our customers. Reliability, competence and
experience are our best credentials.
Our commitment continues to grow bringing
innovations and technological updates.

Some of the customers who have chosen us and continue to do so