Paper converting means packaging  which is one of the  fundamental moments for communication  of our customers.

Thanks to the presence of advanced manufacturing technologies, Itasystem is able to carry out a  complete cycle production  including: graphic design also in 3D, offset printing, special processes such as embossing, relief, lamination, die-cutting, ranging in various sectors from household items, appliances, cosmetics, bottles, hardware products, boxes for food contact, displays.

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Packaging: it means combining ideas with the technical solution suitable for the product it must contain

Complete on large size 100 * 140 from print to finished piece
Production capacity from a few hundred to high quantities
Fast delivery times thanks to internal production cycles

Great sizes

Realization of all full cycle packages on large size 100 * 140 from printing to lamination (microwave / low wave / microtriple / two theses) to dies and gluing machines from a minimum of 10 cm to a maximum of 110 cm. open box


The ability to design, create graphics as well as the production of definitive samples printed and cut on the plotter, the ability to have the customer view their projects in 3D